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Filey - the best family holiday resort in Yorkshire

Ginnel on Filey cliff side

Filey is a place of many memories for me. It was here as a small child that we always came to Mrs Barrett's boarding house for our annual Summer holiday, and sat on the beach all day long come rain or shine. That isn't mandatory nowadays and most of the boarding houses have long since gone, but Filey remains an absolute gem.

The town is set afront the magnificent Filey Bay, a long stretch of beautiful sand with Filey Brigg to the North, then Coble landing and a central more commercial developed section and finally to the South the magnificent beach backed by cliffs running all the way down to Flamborough Head. That probably means nothing to anyone who hasn't been there so let's look in some detail.

Filey Town

The town itself is set in the middle of the bay running up and on top of the cliffs. It seems almost caught in a timewarp being gentle without being genteel, retaining much of its character from the holiday peak of the 60's and early 70's. There are no large hotels, but quite a few small ones, tons of holiday cottages and still a good smattering of B&B accommodation. There used to be two cinemas, but one's now a large pub and goodness only knows what the other one is. There's a good few pubs (see below), but none of them are mindblowing, a handful of decent eateries and lots of good chip shops and greasy spoons. I noticed The Star has been refurbished recently and a restaurant added, so maybe that will improve things. The Crescent The majority of the town is flat and easy, and much of the cliffs have been terraced into gardens, with narrow paths and ginnels everywhere. There used to be a tiny theatre on the cliffs called the Sun Lounge, but that's "The Rendezvous" cafe nowadays doing a fine line in chips with everything.

Parking used to be a nightmare, but the council built a huge car park at the Southern edge of the town and it's all OK now. There's also a big car park to the North on the Brigg, but be warned that both are fanatically patrolled by wardens so don't be tempted to chance it. There's quite a lot of parking directly on the sea front but you have to be an early bird to get it. There's currently a team of three wardens working in Filey, and they are keen as mustard. They seem to believe their job is to drive visitors away and they can routinely be seen with tape measures and digital cameras looking for anyone who hasn't parked quite as neatly as they should. The easiest solution of course would be to get rid of them and use the money saved to introduce diagonal parking on the front. That's unlikely to happen as Filey is ruled by dictat from Scarborough, and it would involve some creative thinking - and we all know not to expect too much of that from Local Government.

For disabled visitors there are a considerable number of spaces right on the front which is great. But wouldn't it be fantastic to have a wheelchair lift of some kind going between the town and the front. Surely that wouldn't be too hard to do in this day and age - and how much more of an attraction would it make Filey for disabled visitors.

Filey Brigg

The North end of Filey Bay is formed by Filey Brigg. This is a headland which has been very heavily eroded on the bay side leaving a wonderful rock platform full of rock pools and the weirdest path imaginable along it. It gets cut off when the tide comes in, but it's not really too dangerous as the cliffs are soft boulder clay and quite climbable. There are paths down the end of the brig and down the side about half way along, but the Health and Safety fascists have erected signs about "No Safe Access".  Both paths are perfectly usable in reasonable conditions by reasonably fit and able people, so don't let the signs put you off. The path down the end is a bit of a scramble so don't try it with pushchairs, toddlers, whingers or granny in a wheelchair. Once you get outside of the bay round the end of the headland it's a very different environment with sheer cliffs and no escape route. If you get caught there as the tide comes in you're in serious trouble.

Anglers on Filey Brigg

The North side of the Brigg with its sheer cliffs is quite popular with anglers. They stand on ledges on the cliffs and  fish over the edges. If you're on top of the Brigg you might notice a rope going off the edge. That's where they scramble down, and there's an iron ladder fastened into the cliff to help them. If you look carefully at the picture on the right you can see a couple of them. Wouldn't recommend exploring the area though as it's a bit of a walk on the wild side.

Kids love the brigg for the rock pools along the way, they're shallow, safe and teeming with sealife, and nets can be bought from the nearby shops at coble landing for a couple of quid. Serious sea fishermen can generally be found at the end of the Brigg as can birders. Not quite sure what they turn up to watch but there's certainly plenty of Shags about. There used to be a small cafe at the end of the bridge, but that's now closed and the site is occupied by a bird watching shelter which always seems to be closed. When I visited in June '07 there were about 20 dead Guillemots and Razorbills lying about, plus another couple of very weak ones. Never seen that before and hope never to see it again.

The fields on top of the Brigg used to be farmland, but in the early seventies it was turned into a country park incorporating a camp site. It's also the end of the Cleveland Way, which I walked as a youth and still believe to be the best long distance footpath in the UK. The park has a small cafe and shop, reasonable toilets and plenty of space, but being on top of a cliff it can be pretty windy.

The Beach

Coble Landing

The Northern end of the town is marked by a deep ravine leading to Coble Landing. This is a slipway where the local fishermen keep their Cobles. Cobles being small wooden fishing boats which clearly show their descent from Viking longships. There's also some tacky amusements, little huts selling seafood and ice cream, and all the usual tat you expect at the seaside. Every year there's fewer and fewer cobles left, just another unwanted legacy of our membership of the EUSSR. It's never ceased to amaze me that we ceded billions of pounds worth of fishing rights in exchange for absolutely nothing. The type of sustainable fishing carried out by cobles is exactly what we should be encouraging, instead of which the cobles are grounded while the seas are hoovered clean by Spanish factory trawlers.

Filey Beach

Heading south from Coble landing you have the main central section of beach which is a dog free zone in high season and is ideal for families. It's such a massive beach it never gets crowded, and is backed by a massive sea wall giving plenty of shelter from offshore winds. At the Southern end of the central beach you get another ravine leading up to Filey's main car park, and at this point countryside begins and the beach is undeveloped, still perfect sand and backed by low cliffs of boulder clay. Walking along here is a treat (dogs allowed) and you can walk all the way down to the great little cafe at Hunmanby Gap and beyond to the end of the beach and the start of the Flamborough Cliffs.

Filey Beach

As you head South along the beach there's a fair sampling of WWII vintage pillboxes and even a few rather lovely Art Deco houses among the cliffs. The big white one was in fact owned by Billy Butlin himself - so the great man did have good taste after all.

There's also a way up to Primrose Valley, one of those giant Haven holiday camps which just might be worth a visit if you have to entertain small kids. It's also packed with food outlets, so if you need a Starbucks, Burger King, pizza joint, chippy, carvery or whatever else, it's useful. There's also a rather nice Chinese, not on the camp itself, but just round the back, down the road just before the camp entrance (Primrose Valley Road). Not sure if you're meant to do it, but you can just drive into the camp to use the shops and restaurants. Or you can park down Primrose Valley Road.

There used to be a massive Butlins camp next to Primrose Valley. Built in 1939 it quickly became RAF Hunmanby Moor, then reverted to a massive holiday camp in 1945, eventually accommodating 11,000 campers. It closed in 1983 and fell into the hands of a local "businessman". After reopening as Amtree Park it closed again six weeks later leaving a lot of people seriously out of pocket. Now, about twenty years later, Amtree Park has finally been redeveloped. It's being turned into a new village of posh holiday homes. They're building about seven hundred houses and flats, plus a hotel, leisure facilities and the like.  Not great timing with the recession, but good luck to them.

Having seen the first few houses of the new Amtree Park go up, it's not to my taste. They're all ersatz local cottage style as if they're trying to create a fake Flamboro, a surrogate Speeton or a couterfeit Cayton. Here was an opportunity to create exciting architecture, to do something really unique, and instead we've been given a poor pastiche of a local village. But I have to admit that  the houses are rather pretty.

I went to have a nosey round the development in mid 2008 and I have to say it's odd. The houses are nice enough, but they come with a clause that only allows the owner to occupy the property for six months of the year. Other people are allowed to occupy it for the other six months, so effectively it means you can't live there permanently.

I presume that's designed to stop the council having to build new schools and facilities for residents. As I say the houses were nice enough, and once they build all the shops it'll be even better, but as more houses are built the ones now standing may well not have a sea-view anymore. There's also all kinds of restrictions about keeping the place tidy, not allowing any individuality in the gardens, not allowing scruffy boats and stuff like that. Awfully authoritarian and not  to my liking at all, but if you're looking to buy a holiday home to rent out it could be ideal.

On a brighter note, the pub and a couple of shops are now open, and the pub comes complete with a fake mediaeval city gateway! As far as I can tell the gateway is a copy of Beverley North Bar. Strange, but true.

Filey Beach

Just a word in passing about Hunmanby Gap. This is a way down to the beach near (not very to be honest)  the inland village of Hunmanby. It's constantly in danger of eroding and the cafe is only still there by a miracle, but the food is top scram for hungry walkers. I moaned earlier about the lack of great pubs in Filey, but if you visit Hunmanby village two miles inland, the balance is redressed with half a dozen truly excellent pubs, all allowing children, serving good beer and decent food. If you just want to explore this area, Hunmanby makes an excellent base. In the centre of the village there's The Buck, The Cottage and the White Swan, down a side street is The Horseshoe, just on the edge of the village is The Railway, and just outside it The Royal Oak. 

Finally as you reach the far end of the beach, there is one magnificent little gem that few visitors ever see. Climbing the steep footpath up the cliffs towards Speeton you come to St Leonards Church, a tiny Saxon chapel with no aisle. A real little gem, very reminiscent of the chapel on the battlefield at Towton. From here you can walk to the main coast road, have a quick pint at the Dotterel or catch a bus back to Filey.

Filey looking back from Speeton
Filey Bay looking back from Speeton

Dog Walking in Filey

Filey is a very dog friendly resort. During high season dogs are banned from the central section of the beach from Coble Landing in the North to the end of the sea wall in the South. That's a pretty good deal for dog owners.

The dog friendly Southern section of beach is miles long, and you can walk all the way to Speeton passing Hunmanby Gap (cafe and toilets) and Reighton Gap on the way. Alternatively, you can just setup camp on the beach with easy access to the cafe and toilets at the end of the sea wall.

The dogs allowed Northern section near The Brigg is smaller, but again  there's plenty of room to exercise just about any dog you can think of. And you can always clamber up the cliffs to the country park above where dogs are allowed in most parts. The footpath from here runs all the way along the cliff tops to Scarborough (plenty of buses and trains back), so that should wear out even the most energetic hound, and it's a lovely walk too.

For eating out, lots of the cafes in Filey have seating areas outside where you can sit with the dog, and The Imperial, The Station, Foords and the Bonhomme will generally allow well-behaved dogs in.

There's now also a Filey Bird Garden and Animal Park, which is relatively new, and dogs are allowed.

Filey Pubs

The Three TunsThe Three Tuns

Right smack bang in the middle of the High Street this should be the busiest pub in Filey. And apart from its position it has a massive yard at the back that's largely a wasted opportunity.

As it is, it's a bit of a timewarp, though to be fair it can get lively on a Saturday night.

Maybe if it wasn't painted like HMP Filey it would be better.
The Foords The Foords

I've always had a soft-spot for the Foords. It's an amazing old pub with a unique "corridor" design that you just don't seem to come across nowadays.

But I guess it's a pub on the cusp. It's too far from the centre to draw tourist income, and without that or a very good local trade it'll be increasingly hard for it to survive.

I was desperately sorry when the Crown went, I just hope I don't have to mourn The Foords as well.

Dogs allowed.
The ImperialThe Imperial
The Imperial's quite a contradiction in terms, a pub which doesn't quite know what it wants to be.

It's a decent local with nice beer, dogs are allowed, and it's friendly. On the other hand it tries to promote itself as a cocktail bar come "yoof pub" which it aint.

They know how to keep beer, and it's still my favourite Filey pub (just), but  even I would have to admit it could do with a little more  natural light.
The StarThe Star
In a really nice position just away from the High Street, I used to really like The Star. Unfortunately a couple of years ago it was revamped, and is now the kind of ubiquitous suburban pub with a conservatory that you can find anywhere. It also had a lovely little sun trap out the front, but that's covered with giant square umbrellas now.

But for all that it serves good beer, decent food and has a little beer garden round the side. It gets busy for food on a night so it's sometimes worth booking. 
The GrapesThe Grapes

A delightful little pub hidden away in the backstreets. Mainly used by locals rather than tourists, but it's warm, welcoming and friendly. Strangely enough it also looks rather more like someone's living room than a pub, but light years better than some of the dingier pubs in Filey. 
The Crown The Crown

And another one down.

The Crown closed in 2008 and I shall miss it. Yes it was run down, but they were making an effort with the beer garden. Now in 2010 it looks like it's being turned into social housong, so at least some good has come of it.

A crying shame.
The Station Hotel The Station (the Top House)

I assume it's called The Station because it's near The Fire Station rather than the Bus Station or The Railway Station.

This is a proper big pub with a lot to offer including a music room. They have good beer, live music on a weekend and it's friendly. They even have the folk club when it meets. Friendly enough and it looked like some renovation was underway last time I went in. They do food as well nowadays, but I haven't tried it so can't comment.

Dogs welcome. Kids welcome until 9.
The Belle Vue The Belle Vue

The biggest pub in Filey and in the best position.

Visited once and didn't like it. It was just too loud with too many kids running about. Maybe I caught it on a bad day.

Top of my list to visit again next time I'm in Filey. 
The Buccaneer The Buccaneer

Formerly a cinema, I remember going to see a Jimmy Edwards film here  back in the mid 1960's. It's been a pub for quite some time now, but  I avoided it for years because it looks so blooming awful.

Finally in desperation we ventured through the door one night having failed to find a pub in Filey with a telly big enough to watch the England game. And what a good decision that was.

The decor inside is even more kitsch than the outside, but they serve a jolly good pint, the pub food is very good (though unexciting), there's a huge TV screen plus several smaller ones and kids are welcome. I like it a lot.

Altogether, quite an improvement on Jimmy Edwards.
The Royal Crescent VaultsRoyal Crescent Vaults

Alas and alack as of 2008 this fine watering hole has closed down. Will it reopen? I doubt it, there's too many pubs in Filey, and it's just a little bit off the main drag.

2010 - Looks like it's being converted into flats.
Bonhommes Bonhommes Bar

And I've left the best till last. Bonhommes is relatively new, and is situated just off the crescent, down a sidestreet opposite where the road from the front comes up.

It can't make its mind up whether it's a pub or a cocktail bar, but it has the best kept real ale in Filey. It's light and airy, comfortable, nice furniture, has newspapers and magazines to read, and is above all friendly and welcoming.

There's only one long room, but the bottom half is a family room, and while not quite as nice as the top half is still rather good.

And to cap it all, dogs are allowed. Just a shame it doesn't look like a proper pub from the outside.

Filey Accommodation

Filey and the surrounding area is packed with holiday cottages. A Google search will pull up plenty of individual ones, but here's some of the big players:

Pictures of Filey

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Comments (61)
Hunmanby Gap to Filey and back again - the best dog-walking place ever in my opinion. And yes, I'm a responsible dog-walker who collects all their 'poo'. No sheep or rabbits to chase, no traffic and they come away clean. Wonderful place!
posted by Ann Walker 26/12/2007 10:56:28
Just had a great long weekend at Filey. Can't be a more relaxing place on the planet.
posted by Dave Williams, Preston 17/03/2008 21:36:33
Filey, love it.......
posted by Lola 07/06/2008 14:43:39
back from a long weekend in Filey and have to say it was as fantastic and relaxing as ever.
posted by Megan and Robert Handwell 25/06/2008 13:00:26
We just stayed in a delightful house on a new resort called the bay filey, built on the old Butlins site. Had a wonderful time. The owners web site is www.thebayfileycottagerental.co.uk They are very helpful and the house is wonderful and Filey town is safe and very nice.

posted by Hugh Smith 21/07/2008 18:34:07
Hi just came across site site n i agree Filey is so wonderful. Iv been going there for 25 yrs and always feels like im going home! What a great place
posted by babs 15/05/2009 00:43:01
Just spent a wonderful weekend in Filey. Had not been for about 45 years and had forgotten how beautiful it is. Parking was not a problem - even on The Beach.
posted by Jane Thompson 23/07/2009 14:16:46
My wife and daughter absolutely loves this place. They're always begging me to stop off for a few hours whenever we're in the area.
posted by Mr Timmy 04/09/2009 11:54:08
would love to have a list of pubs where you can get a meal and bring your dog
posted by yvonne 12/09/2009 14:38:26
really enjoyed reading all the comments on this page. I googled Primrose Valley in the 60s and found you. I spent two weeks every summer in PV before it became a Haven site and Butlins was still alive and kicking. I loved going to Filey and Scarborough. We were very much creatures of habit and followed the same routine each year almost to the day. I have been cut off on the Brig whilst walking back to PV and had to climb up muddy cliffs to escape the tide. We used to visit a cafe in Filey which had a grape vine growing on the roof. Is it still there. I live in Somerset now and whilst I do love it here,I would like to be able to go back to Filey more often.I could go on forever and have even thought of writing all my memories down so if anyone has any to contribute, please let me know.
posted by Sue 21/09/2009 19:16:01
i would just like to add a note on here to tell people visiting filey or residents there is a fantastic place for food what as recently opened called HUNGRY TOMS it is on hope street across the road from poundland not only is it the cheapest in filey but it is also the BEST.dont just take my word for it try it for yourself you will NOT be disappointed
posted by steve 10/10/2009 22:30:02
On hols from Canada and was a tidge dissapointed that since our last visit there, a parking fee has been imposed at the lot overlooking the Brigg. Still worth the visit but Filey seems to be getting comercialized as everywhere else is these days.
posted by AG 26/10/2009 14:38:38
Someone else mentioned the cafe in Filey which had a grape vine growing on the roof. I remember this from family holidays many years ago. Does anyone know if it is still there and what its name is?
posted by Carol 29/10/2009 13:35:50
It's called The Vine, and yes it's still there.
posted by Mick 29/10/2009 16:16:02
Looking forward to my summer hols in Filey this year...and so is the dog.Definately a doggy friendly town, and our family absolutely love it...Who needs Spain!!
posted by Sal 13/11/2009 03:31:44
Its a pity so many people in this country see dogs as almost on a par with humans.The amount of dog shit everywhere nowadays is disgusting and the people who own these creatures should realize how much their homes stink too.I am a local estate agent and every house I survey that owns a dog smells awful. Dogs are filthy,dirty creatures by nature and enjoy licking their own and other dogs *****.Remember this the next time one of these 'doggies' jumps up to lick your hand or face. Please go to Spain Sal, and take that dirty thing with you. Filey beach doesn't need you or your dog and people are sick and tired of those pi*****,defecating beasts spoiling it for families with young children.
posted by tony 17/11/2009 19:18:41
oh my Tony, that was the most unfriendly comment and although some of us have problems with dogs, their owners are the main culprits and there was no need to be so rude to Sal. Maybe you should remember who might be looking at some of the houses you market and want to move to Filey. They will be the people who make up your wages, or are you rude to everyone?
posted by GILL. 28/12/2009 23:51:27
Just booked a holiday in June (hope you can arrange some good weather) and found your site. Pub reviews really useful. Enjoyed the comments haven't laughed so much in a long time.I think your estate agent friend should get out more !! See you in June.
posted by Alan 27/02/2010 15:42:11
the fish&chip shop on the coble landing and the small cafe at the end for horlicks is the best place in the world to visit you will never go hungry,as for the cost of some things,you're on you're holidays,anyone who goes to filey will be sorry to leave,what a brill place, see you all from the 4th june 2010 down there on holiday
posted by grahame accy 10/03/2010 10:21:11
My family and I will be staying in Primrose Valley in May for a week and want to get a number of friends and relatives to visit us for the day. We want to provide them with a good lunch (a bit more than basic pub food) because they will have travelled. There will be some small children. Any suggestions ? Thanks.
posted by John B 12/03/2010 16:24:29
nice website thanks, we've just booked a weekend in Filey and will be using it as our guide.
posted by Fiona 16/03/2010 10:42:12
Try the Railway Station Road in Hunmanby for food or The Foxhound at Flixton both very good food and great value for money we have never been dissapointed.
posted by JimmyKrankie 21/03/2010 09:09:36
WELL SAID TONY!!!!I think the town is the lovelyest on the east coast and far superior to the more popular Whitby,(to rough) We love the gentleness of the place, and I can get my disabled son onto the fantastic beach,for a day's building work!....But ooohhh those VILE dog owners who think it is beneath them to remove the filth left by there four legged child(they seem to give em equal status)..How many of you out there have to clean the stuff from wheelcair wheels( and the poor kids hands) I will be back soon, ACHTUNG!!! If I see you commiting this crime. I WILL MAKE YOU FORCE IN BACK INTO YOUR DOG !!!!!
posted by GRAHAM DONCASTER 28/04/2010 10:24:55
Filey is one of the most relaxing seaside resorts on the east coast.Love the brigg and love the selection of good quality friendly pubs.Not been for a couple of yearbut i intend to visit this year again
posted by si 18/05/2010 19:32:10
You forgot all about the coble bar which is a lovely pub right on the front next to the life boat. They serve food and a good pint. Also got karaoke on a Friday Saturday night. Also herd its up for sale, hope it doesn't shut down
posted by paul colins 19/06/2010 20:48:00
Very useful site for researching a planned weekend away in Filey. Maybe a Map of Pubs/Hotels would be useful to go alongside the list - so this can be printed off and kept to hand when out and about? The pubs/hotels may also be able to help you out with this. Just a thought.
posted by Stephen 24/06/2010 15:10:04
Filey....What a fantastic, relaxing, clean, well presented resort with an amazing beach. best ive been to in this country. Cant wait to go again. Even had a an all u can eat chinese buffet which offers a buffet take away too for a fiver. How fab an idea is that?
posted by Mike Thompson 29/06/2010 15:18:50
Filey..is the Jewel in the crown especially the Coble Landing if any one as any photos of the cobles called the Filey Five all on one photo. please try to send them cheers 17/08/2010 12:13
posted by Norman White 17/08/2010 12:15:59
'Tony', I have dogs and you can walk through every part of my house and you would never know dogs lived here. Trust me, it's forensically clean. I would be interested to know what sort of houses you're selling and how you haven't noticed the foul aroma of unwashed bodies if they're that downmarket! On a more serious note. We work in the tourism industry and your tirade and that of Mr Doncaster, are the sort of thing that will only serve to damage the tourist trade in your town. That trade not only pays the wages of those running hotels, B&Bs and amusements but also the shops who supply them, the builders who do their repairs, the farmers who milk the cows that provide their milk etc; I'm sure that you get the picture. Surely, rather than ranting over irresponsible behaviour by some people, being rude or, as with 'Graham' making ridiculous threats, it would be more socially responsible to lobby your Council to supply more dog bins, bags and dog wardens. Most dog owners are actually very responsible and don't deserve such silly nonsense. I was viewing this site as I am considering buying a property in Filey but certainly wouldn't wish to do business with your agency. I like my estate agents knowledgeable, well mannered, helpful and considerate.
posted by thewitch 23/08/2010 21:06:50
Tony, I think you have a mouth on par with the dog sh*t you were talking about. How dare you tar every dog owner with the same brush. I, like the person who made the last comment am a totally responsible dog owner and if you were to enter my home you would find no trace of smell. I think your nose is too near your own arse and suggest you try washing that before being rude about dog owners. I would never use you to sell anything of mine either. You are very rude and ignorant and paint a horrible picture of Filey. I certainly will NOT be visiting if people like you live there.
posted by Charlie Dutch aka rileybeau 24/08/2010 09:02:11
I agree with the last two comments and think that Tony and Graham ought to give their heads a shake before posting idiotic and senseless comments about dogs. Not being funny, but the amo0unt of times I have seen dirty nappies left by parents and rubbish which can be harmful to the environment it unbelieveable...at least dog mess is biodegradeable. Also, if your opinion is so low of the beaches and find it so hazardous to your health why dont you just **** off and go find another, cleaner beach? Oh, but I bet you dont mind all the donkey mess on the beach...as your kids will like their donkey rides, wont they? It wouldnt surprise me if Graham and Tony weren't the same people...and that you, Tony, were in fact an estate agent at all because if you were you would seriously be careful about the comments you make about the houses you sell...anyway, I love Filey beach and wont stop taking my 4 dogs there for anyone...OR my 2 children!!!
posted by Kaz 24/08/2010 10:09:55
Tony and Graham what vile creatures you sound, well below the intelligence level of my 2 schnauzers. They don't drop hair, don't mess indoors or even on their territory. We clean up any mess they do on the street, fields or beach, how dare you tar us all with the same brush. We stopped in a lovely dog friendly cottage in the village of Ulrome (near Skipsea). It was immaculately clean when we arrived, as it was when we left. We walked up and down many of the beaches on the east coast, the stretch from Filey to Speeton being one of them. A very long, 'clean' stretch of sandy beach. I saw very little signs of 'dog sh*t everywhere', perhaps that was just the contents of your foul mouth? We have visited Filey a number of times and will continue to do so. Tony please post your estate agents name and we will come to visit you next time and maybe we can give you a present!
posted by Vanessa W 26/08/2010 18:08:54
Tony and Graham I hope if you have kids they are prefect in everyway. No litter dropping, no getting in other peoples way, no shouting at the top of their voices. Yes you may have guessed it, I am a dog owner, but if we are going to start pointing fingers then Kids can be just a messy and annoying as any dog
posted by Jo W 27/08/2010 12:26:28
posted by JUE 28/04/2011 09:15:11
we walk our dogs on filey beach every time we come to our holiday home,even if our dogs crapped in the sea we would pick it up. i agree with jo w about unruley kids also.i do have children by the way. we are responsable owners who always always clean up after our dogs were ever we are and i will not stop using filey beach just because of igronant comments by sad people,get over it.
posted by linden cahill 28/04/2011 21:15:53
I would suggest that the people who wrote comments on here criticising Tony and Graham should first learn to spell. Their mistakes are typical of the 'dog loving' morons we have to suffer here at Filey. You people are so pathetic,actually criticising children as though its them who shouldn't be there and not your stinking,arse-licking dirty vermin dogs which piss and shit all over our lovely beach. There is nothing so laughable as looking at you pathetic fools scooping up dog shit on the beach and putting it in your silly little bags as though the dog is some sort of baby. You should all be wearing ginger checked suits,bright red curly wigs and enormous over-sized red shiny shoes.In fact,I'm going to open a shop by the beach which sells such outfits to you 'dog lovers.' I will make an absolute fortune! So whilst you all sit there aghast and fuming at my comments in your houses that smell like large dog kennels please think again and remember: Dogs smell,the houses they live in smell and dog owners who keep them as pets are sad and smelly individuals.
posted by Tony 28/05/2011 17:08:55
Tony, I would open such a shop if I were you. Obviously with you the credit crunch, your small mind, bad attitude and the amount of time you spend sniffing out dog sh*t, your estate agency will be bust. Good luck in the new career you silly little man!!
posted by themog 31/05/2011 21:15:49
Gosh, never realised what passions Filey could evoke!I'm going back there this weekend for the first time since 1974. I spent all my childhood summers at Skipsea, Brid, Scarborough or Filey and back then no one cared 2 hoots about the dog poo. If you trod in it you got told off by your mum for not being careful. Happy days when everyone took responsibility for themselves and didn't condemn others. Now I'm showing my age so I'll finish by saying what a fascinating site this is - thankyou for a cracking read!
posted by Yvonne 01/06/2011 07:18:34
Dogs are far cleaner than a lot of humans,and if they could talk i am sure they would have plenty to say about you graham + tony why not admit the fact that you are just dog haters,get a life or p***off abroad some place!
posted by Lynn Kirkham 04/06/2011 03:23:36
We love Filey - the beach, the town, and The Seafield Guest House - what a brilliant place for a holiday!
posted by Lizzy 06/06/2011 18:28:41
Just got back from a holiday in Filey. Very nice Place. People are dog friendly even if they don't own dogs themselves. We arrived on a Monday at Mid day. set off to get a meal in one of the pubs, but they are all in a time warp, restrictions 12-2 and 5-8 but a Monday they dont even serve meals! The weather was rather cool so we couldn't sit outside a cafe (we had the dog with us) had to resort to a sandwich, which wasn't a good start to our hols.However after we had got passed Monday, The Star,Three Tons and The Station served good value meals but again only at their serving times. The parking is rather eratic, we were told by the owner of the cottage we rented there was free parking, well there is but not were are cottage was, my son's and husbands car was well out of sight which they weren't happy with.lots of places to park but beware of time restrictions.We are fortunate that we can go away any time of the year, we do not like to go middle of school summer hols as we find most parents don't keep their kids under control, which spoil it when your'e trying to have a pub meal. At least when we take our dog, he lays QUIETLY under the table and dosn't move until we tell him too.
posted by Loobyloo 16/06/2011 16:40:04
@ tony, it would be the last dog you ever saw if you so much as raised your voice at my dog and i would shove the shit up you arse first, wanker. How big of you by the way to hide behind your pc screen, typical coward.
posted by Ian 19/07/2011 18:32:07
I have to say I have been greatly entertained reading the posts of the residents and visitors to Filey. Such passion in something so trivial is what makes this a great nation. I would suggest (as a visitor to this fine part of the country) that an annual duel is held between all the pro and anti canine people of the local area. This would surely boost the local tourist trade and housing market. Tourists would flock to see the spectacle of midgets on great Danes jousting with knitting needles and estate agents being torn limb from limb by herds of rabid Dachshunds. Even the die hard cheese rollers would bow before this new hard core sport which could be televised by sky as a pay-per-view event. Allegiances could be forged between dog walkers and seagull lovers, estate agents and the 'keep polar bear poo off our icebergs brigade' I can see it now, the pomp! the ceremony! Poetry, sheer poetry! Filey worth visiting?
posted by Desmond 28/07/2011 01:00:46
If you live in or near the new houses built on the former Butlins site, you may be interested in the highly collectable and rare book, Butlins Filey, Thanks for the memories. Its got memories and lots of pictures and signed by the author. See it on Amazon
posted by Eric Collinson 30/07/2011 14:54:31
I went to Filey yesterday and was appalled at the lack of 'dogs droppings'. After searching high and low all day I only managed to find four really good specimens. How is a really avid dog s***t collector supposed to get by with only these meagre pickings. This forum promised much, yet delivered little. In disappointment, Desmond
posted by Desmond 31/07/2011 16:42:30
I went to Filey yesterday and was appalled at the lack of 'dogs droppings'. After searching high and low all day I only managed to find four really good specimens. How is a really avid dog s***t collector supposed to get by with only these meagre pickings. This forum promised much, yet delivered little. In disappointment, Desmond
posted by Desmond 31/07/2011 16:43:08
I went to Filey yesterday and was appalled at the lack of 'dogs droppings'. After searching high and low all day I only managed to find four really good specimens. How is a really avid dog s***t collector supposed to get by with only these meagre pickings. This forum promised much, yet delivered little. In disappointment, Desmond
posted by Desmond 31/07/2011 22:04:27
I went to Filey yesterday and was appalled at the lack of 'dogs droppings'. After searching high and low all day I only managed to find four really good specimens. How is a really avid dog s***t collector supposed to get by with only these meagre pickings. This forum promised much, yet delivered little. In disappointment, Desmond
posted by Desmond 31/07/2011 22:39:24
I went to Filey yesterday and was appalled at the lack of 'dogs droppings'. After searching high and low all day I only managed to find four really good specimens. How is a really avid dog s***t collector supposed to get by with only these meagre pickings. This forum promised much, yet delivered little. In disappointment, Desmond
posted by Desmond 31/07/2011 22:41:07
Please caravan brigade,carb,second home brigade,shob,go away permanently,take your arrogant driving methods with you,not all around these parts want you,damn insects
posted by Simon 19/08/2011 20:28:34
tony,are you really an estate agent or are you in fact signing on once a week,living in a b&b,payed for buy our taxes,jelous of us working people,buying dogs and leads and having a nice life hahaha,you are pathetic and a loser.my dogs are cleaner more inteligent and have more friends than you do saddo.
posted by lola 01/09/2011 19:35:06
Lovely area but don't stay at The Bay.
posted by Family with young children 26/10/2011 12:44:38
@ family with young children, Dont get me wrong but i do not have any relation with the bay, ie being a employee etc, but i have stayed there on at least 6 occasions over the last 3 years and iam staying there over the new year aswell. I can only speak from my own exp and say i love this place and have never had any reason to discourage anyone from staying here, on the opposie infact i recomend friends to stay. Also no reason as to why you disliked the bay also? wierd.
posted by Ian 26/12/2011 22:06:25
Haha plenty of cans of worms opened here then. Anyway, what I really wanted to know was if the Chinese restaurant is still there on Primrose Valley Road, as there's a load of us going to the caravan park in June and it would be dead handy. Thanks very much.
posted by kitty 24/01/2012 19:14:35
Kitty - do you mean the Peacock? If so, it was open the last time I was there about 4 months ago...I think they will even deliver direct to the caravans :) I am actually laughing out loud at this thread, do the dog haters not think to look closer to home? So there are no locals that own dogs that they allow to foul without poop-a-scooping thus giving tourists a bad name?! Seriously, live & let live. I will be visiting this weekend with my Golden Retriever, very clean & well behaved by the way. As a responsible dog owner I will obviously be picking up any poo...but I may well be tempted to post it (unbagged, obviously) through every estate agents letterboxes I can find! Oh, how I would love someone to say something to me regarding how horrible dogs are to my face but I doubt anyone ever will, because lets face it you dog haters don't have half the courage or a tenth of the intellignece of even the dimmest dog. I have a BA English degree by the way before any spelling nuances are picked at , do you Tony or Graham ?
posted by Adele 24/01/2012 21:18:25
Chinese at primrose valley road has been closed for a couple of years now but there are plenty of other nice places to eat - try The Railway Inn Hunmanby there's a good selection of food and carvery. Love Filey try www.fileycoastholidays.com for good selection of holiday accommodation at The Bay and Primrose Valley privately owned and a good standard.
posted by Emma 24/01/2012 21:46:55
Thank you Adele and Emma. Much appreciated. :)
posted by kitty 27/01/2012 11:41:09
... SO FUNNY .... sorry I'm as bad as the dogs here but I'm nealy wetting myself !!!! so amusing . . . I started tittering at Graham's comment . . .but the the witch Desmond and Tony . . . . this really should be a comedy . . . . never laughed so much in my life . . . . going back for a re run!!!! loved the comment of the Battle of Filey EXCELLENT
posted by Jane 27/01/2012 19:19:58
. . . . It's Jane again ..... then the comment Lovely area, don't stay at the Bay - Young family appeared affter the the S*** flying contest .... I was twinged with .... ahh..... then had tears streaming with laughter with it appearing and the dog fight . . . ... brilliant ... just my type of humour
posted by Jane 27/01/2012 19:26:08
What a "larff".. I'm with Tony! All the sad deluded dog owners do you not realise why "friends" don't call round to your house, why they stay three paces away from your person, why you aren't allowed in hospitals, public houses, not even in childrens play areas? Ok, so you prefer animals to humans, thats fine but please don't expect the rest of us to put up with and accept the smell and the shxxe and the urine they deposit at every lamp post. Like Tony, I too am in the housing business and over the years dog owners have cost me literally thousands of pounds with having to replace carpets, doors scratched to bits, damaged decoration and garden clearing and I will not now entertain prospective tenants with dogs... and yet, when rejected every single one of them will say how clean "their" dogs are and that they never come in the house.. It is amazing how often a tenant will be "just looking after it" for a sick aunt, Mother, brother etc when you call unexpectedly! Each to their own but if Filey really is doggy heaven then give me a day out in Scarborough any time..
posted by Rover 28/01/2012 18:20:34
can i just say to TONY and GRAHAM grow up !!!
posted by jd 07/03/2012 20:23:20
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