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Well here it is, the miscellaneous bits and pieces that either don't fit anywhere else, or belong to sections I've only just started. No rhyme or reason to it, just stuff I felt like photographing or writing about.

Miscellaneous Odds n' Ends

Angel Inn at hetton

Yorkshire Attractions - my personal top 10

It being a wet and miserable day in January, I've put together this list of essential places to visit. Ten just wasn't enough though.

Angel Inn at hetton

Gastropubs - a personal top 10 in Yorkshire

Ten is such a small number to choose when we're lucky enough to have so many good foodie pubs nowadays. I'm not a great fan of poncy cuisine, so there's a couple of good old fashioned pile it high places included in the list. If you know of others you think deserve inclusion, add a comment, as I just love any excuse to go out for a good meal.



My personal favourite of the three peaks (the others being Whernside and Pen-y-Ghent), Ingleborough is by far the nicest climb, and has the most fantastic views. I've climbed it in everything from blazing sun to snowstorms, but whichever weather you choose it's an exhilerating walk without being overly steep until you get near the summit.
Catacombs at Sheffield General Cemetery

Sheffield general Cemetery

A wonderful relic of the industrial revolution, this amazing place has the only overground catacombs in Yorkshire - at least that I know of.  Originally built in open country as a non-conformist burial ground, it's now so deeply hidden away in the Sheffield suburb of Eccleshall that virtually nobody know it's there. There's also the wonderful Sheffield Traditional Museum round the corner (only opens on the first Saturday of the month), and the Botanical Gardens over the road with a teak garden furniture shop, so plenty of reasons to visit.
Beckett Street

Beckett Street and Leeds General cemeteries

Two amazing little cemeteries, both hidden away and both with their own very interesting histories. Two different solutions to the pressing problem of what on earth to do with corpses in a city that underwent the manic uncontrolled expansion of the Industrial Revolution. Fascinating.
Nice plate of beef

Online Butchers

I do like meat. But much of the stuff from the supermarkets in just awful quality, and once it's been sweating away for days in its plastic wrapping then it's fit only for the bin. And when you buy from a supermarket, you know the farmer has been squeezed dry. So to do my little bit to try and redress the situation, here are my favourite online butchers.


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