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Yorkshire gift shop Xmas - Experience days in Yorkshire - gift ideas and unusual Xmas presents

Welcome to the shop. I've brought together a whole selection of experience days in Yorkshire from different merchants all over the web, the common factor being that they all happen in Yorkshire. I've tried a few of these myself over the past couple of years and can guarantee they make brilliant gifts. They're even better as last minute gifts, because with most of them you can print off a gift certificate at home. I haven't yet separated out kids experience and adventure days, but will be doing so in the near future. There's also some more unusual gift and present ideas.

Sphereing near Leeds

Sphereing and Zorbing in Yorkshire

What on earth is that you ask? Well, Sphereing is being strapped into a giant plastic ball and rolled downhill. This particular brannd of idiocy used to be confined to New Zealand, but it's now broken out and reached Leeds and Newcastle. Why anyone would pay money to be treated like this is beyond me, but they do as many an MP can testify.

Performance Car Driving Days at Elvington Race Track


These are days at race tracks in Yorkshire (mainly Elvington) driving some of the most amazing performance cars known to man. Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Caterham 7's and more. These are fantastic fun, and make great corporate entertainment days as well.

Ferrari Driving Days at Elvington Race Track

Ferrari Driving"

Ferraris have long been the ultimate supercar - well to Ferrari lovers anyway. At Elvington, you can drive all diggerent models of Ferrari, inclufing junior Ferrari driving days, and experiences combing Ferrari and other supercar driving.

Porsche driving experiences at Elvington, Yorkshire

Porsche Driving Experience Day at Elvington, Yorkshire

Since even before the yuppie decade of the 80's, Porsche have been the car of choice for those with taste. Now anyone can drive one of thses superbly engineered machines at Elvington, near York. Manjes and models of Porsche available will vary, so cjeck the details carefully when booking.

Lamborghini driving experiences at Elvington, Yorkshire

Lamborghini Driving Experience Day at Elvington, Yorkshire

Perhaps the most charismatic of Supercars, Lamborghini deleiver amazingly engineerd vehicles that appeal to petrolheads everywhere. Not too commonly seen on our roads, fortunately there's a chance to drive these amazing vehicles at Elvington near York.

Drive at Aston Martin in Yorkshire

Aston Martin Driving Day in Yorkshire at Elvington

James Bond, Prince Charles, all the best people drive an Aston Martin. Definitely a cut above other performance cars. And amazingly, the factory will fully refurbish and Aston Martin ever made.

Quad Biking in North Yorkshire

Quad Bikeing in North Yorkshire

Quad biking is about as much fun as you can have on four wheels. It's quite hard work though so you have to be reasonably fit, and if you don't olike getting dirty then forget it.
Tremendous fun - very highly recommended.

Dambusters and Emmerdale Helicopter Flights

Dambuster and Emmerdale helicopter flights

Helicopter fligts make great gifts for all ages - and two of the very best ones are the Emmerdale Flight and the Dambusters Flight. Seeing Yorkshire from the air for the first time is a quite amazing experience.

Microloight Flying in Yorkshire

Microlight flights in Yorkshire

Microlight flights might sound a bit scary for the novice, and probably a bit dangerous too - but worry not for these microlight flying experiences are all done in dual seater microlights, with an instructor aboard. You can't get much nearer to the elements than this.

Yorkshire Fooball Team Replica Shirts and Gifts

Everything for the Yorkshire footie fan. We have gifts and shirts for Barbsley, Bradford City, Bradford Park Avenue, Huddersfield Town, Leeds United, Rotherham, The Mighty Blades, The Pigs and York City. We even have a pair of free teak garden sets to give way this month.

Bungee Jumping and Rope Courses

bungee jumping

Ideal for those with no sense of their own mortality. Bungee jumping and rope courses are available at various places in Yorkshire including Sheffield and the Middlesbrough Transporter Bridge. Leave your brain behind before engaging in this activity.

Spa Days and Pamper Days in Yorkshire

yorkahire spa day

Being pampered can make life seem a whole lot better sometimes - and these days at luxury spas around Yorkshire, cover facials, massages, saunas, steam rooms, and generally just totally relaxing in luxury surroundings.

Rally Driving

rally driving in Yorklshire

Rally driving is one of the most skilled forms of motor sport. Unlike the tedium of formula 1, with rally driving every situation is unique, and learning to cope with these situations is really beneficial to driving skills as a whole. Locations for these days out are generally in North Yorkshire.

Off-Road Driving

off-road driving in Yorkshire

Now this is my favourite type of driving experience. Off-road driving in landrovers and quad bikes is tremendous fun. I've written up a quad-bike day near Thirsk that I did last year, and that's a pretty good guide to what these sort of experiences are like.

Swinton Park Cookery School

swinton park

Swinton Park is one of the grandest stately homes in Yorkshire, near Masham. Nowadays it's a top class luxury hotel and conference centre. Throughout the year they run events like garden design days, wine appreciation lunches and jewel appreciation days. It's also home to a renowned cookery school featuring Rosemay Shrager, with courses on seafood, modern british and mediterranean cookery. There are even special courses for children and men.

Bird of Prey Days

falconry and bird of prey experiences in Yorkshire

Bird of prey handling days are absolutely amazing experiences. I did one near castleford last year and it was unforgettable. On my day out I flew a Harris Hawk, a European Eagle Owl and a peregrine. These are available at fantastic locations in the Dales.


Miscellaneous Yorkshire gift experiences

This is where I've added everything that just didn't fit anywhere else. Things like ghost hunting, ice climbing, Galvin Green Golf, pole dancing and lots more.

Indoor Parachuting

indoor parachuting in Sheffield

Once upon a time parachuting involved jumping out of an aeroplane. Now there's also indoor parachuting in Sheffield as well. Suppose you have to find something to do with all those disused steel works. Thanks Margaret, thanks Gordon.

Flying Experiences

Yorkshire flying days

Various flying things at various locations in Yorkshire. helicopter sightseesing trips, acrobatics in Tiger Moths, Microlight flights, gliding , flying lessons. I'd particularly recommend the helicopter trips, as in many of them you can choose your own route, and might even be able to fly over your own house.

Luxury Hotel Breaks

luxury hotel breaks on Yorkshire

For when the batteries are run down and life's just a little too much, these breaks are guaranteed to refresh, revive and invigorate. Locations all over Yorkshire.

Ordnance Survey

maps from the Ordnance Survey

Sounds unexciting but the Ordnance Survey have some great and classy gifts. There are:

Diggerland Yorkshire (near Castleford)


For a fun day out, Diggerland takes a lot of beating. There's something rather satisfying about driving a JCB. What you can do varies, but it's hugely enjoyable. There's static diggers, diggers you can drive, diggers you can drive in - great fun. You can even go digger racing which is great fun, I know I've done it. I wanted to buy a driving experience for my significant other, and reckoned this was the only one where I stood any chance of keeping up with her.

Classic Yorkshire Railway Posters

Bridlington Railway Poster
Filey Ingleton Whitby scarborough Flamborough
Ripon Skipton Dales Knaresborough Robin Hood's Bay
York Coast Moors Bridlington Fountains Abbey

Not only are these brilliant posters - but At least 50% of the money generated from each print sale is paid directly back to the specific collection that owns the image - e.g. The National Railway Museum in York.

Yorkshire Jigsaw Puzzles

Jigsaw of Whitby

Not the most exciting presents in the world, but the aerial photo ones are a fantastic idea.

Books and DVDs

Grimethorpe Colliery Band

I tried listing my favourites here, buty it proved impossible. So I've added them to a customised Amazon store. Click here for Brass Bands, Walking, Cycling, Aerial Views, Emmerdale,Heartbeat, James Herriot, Gervase Phinn, Yorkshire Football and Rugby Leage clubs and much much more.


leeds monopoly

Classy and unusual gifts - but, no, no other Yorkshire football teams get their own edition.

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