Pleasure flights and flying lessons in Yorkshire

spa day in yorkshire Flying experiences are available in Yorkshire at various airports. So here's a brief breakdown of the the air experience days available in Yorkshire. If you're looking for helicopter flights click here

Flying Lessons

Flying lessons make a great gift. Either an introductory flying lesson or a course of flying lessons is available in everything from helicopters to twin seat trainers. Flying schools are located all over Yorkshire, so there's bound to be one reasonably nearby.

Flying experiences in Yorkshire

On a general level, all kinds of flying experiences are available from all Yorkshire airports. You can go aerobatic flying in a Tiger Moth, swoop low over the ground in a helicopter or glide over the countryside in a hot air balloon.

Gliding Lessons in Yorkshire

Gliding lessons are a great introduction to flying. In a glider it's far easier to learn to fly than in a powered aircraft, as you can learn to handle the controls without having to worry about controlling the engine. And that's not to mention the sheer beauty of gliding through the skies without the noise you get with powered flight. All in all quite an experience.

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Extended Flying Lesson (UK wide)
Take to the skies for your first taste of real flight. A 60 minute introductory lesson is probably the best way to experience the enjoyment and privileges of private flying. This is sure to be the start of a life long desire to be amongst the clouds free as a bird. Itinerary: Upon arrival at the aerodrome your recipient will be given a briefing on the principles of light aircraft flying. From there they are taken to the aeroplane for a general familiarisation of the cockpit layout and a rundown
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Gliding Lesson Discovery - Experience Gifts
Experience the total tranquillity of soaring and circling on the thermals, drifting silently on the wind in a dual control glider. After a short briefing from your British Gliding Association instructor, it's time to take to the skies for an unforgettable flight. You'll take the controls during your flight, and if you get hooked, this first lesson counts towards a Glider Pilot's certificate. Gliding Lesson Discovery:One-to-one training from a BGA licensed instructorIntroducti
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