Zorbing / Sphereing / Hill Rolling in the North near Leeds, Yorkshire

Sphereing/hill rolling ballSphereing, Zorbing or Hill Rolling began pretty much simultaneously in the UK and New Zealand some years ago, by two groups of people unbeknown to each other. In New Zealand they invemnted the Zorb®, in the UK it was the sphere.

In the UK, a company called SphereMania® set up the first site in the Midlands. A few years later they began franchising it out around the country, and today we're lucky enough to have a SphereMania® site in Yorkshire. In fact, SphereMania® are by far the dominant hill rolling force in the UK with 14 sites all over the country, and 95% of the commercial market. If you're going to do something as crazy as this, then doing it with the biggest player seems like the sensible plan to me.

So if you fancy trying sphereing/zorbing/hill rolling in yorkshire (call it what you will), click on the links below and head over to Leeds. The Leeds sphereing site is located near the M62, so is easily accessed from all parts of Leeds, Yorkshire and the North.

Update - there's also a sphereing centre available in Newcastle. Newcastle Sphereing is located at Stocksfield, a pretty village 14 miles West of Newcastle. And of course, it's another SphereMania® site.

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Harness Zorbing for Two (Leeds, Newcastle and Manchester)
Zorbing is a new extreme sport where people are rolled down steep hills inside 12’ inflatable balls. You and your chosen victim are strapped facing each other in the harnesses inside the ball, before tearing off down a hill at speeds of up to 30mph. The general reaction is to laugh hysterically as you descend the hill, rolling and bouncing! And don’t worry, with a safety harness, and 3-foot of air between you and the ground, you’re entirely safe. Location: Chepstow, Dyfed (Wal
 from:  Buyagift.co.uk         More...
Triple Whammy in Sheffield (Leeds, Newcastle and Manchester)
The Triple Whammy Bungee Jump
 from:  Into the blue         More...