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Yorkshire football gifts

Finding a gift for some people is always difficult, but fortunately there are such a wealth of football clubs in the county, that finding a gift is easy is long as you're buying for a footie fan.

These gifts have been collected from various merchants on the net, and collected here. I've tried the same thing with Rugby League, but unfortunately Rugby League gifts are much harder to find, and the teams don't seem interested in promoting them via sites like mine. Maybe it'll change in time.

Alart from teh obvious like retro football shirts, there's also autographs, scrapbooks, DVDs and other football gifts like that.

Barnsley FC Gifts

Who would have imagined Barnsley riding as high as they do now. An amazing achievement for one of the smaller (in the nicest sense of the word) clubs in the league. can't wait to see them in the premiership, but until then we have a great selection of retro Barnsly shirts and gifts.

Bradford City Gifts

Alas city languish in the  depths of despair, but who can forget the magnificent two seasons in The Premiership. Anyway, a clun with such a long and illustious history has a fine selection of shirts and gifts to choose from.

Bradford Park Avenue Retro Shirts

Like a Phoenix from the ashes, Park Avenue are with us again after the disaster of 1974. I somehow think a whole slew of clubs will be joining them in the next few years, particulary with a financial genius like mawhinney in charge. Still a way to go before league football beckons, but one day........

Huddersfield Town Gifts

Personally speaking I'd vote the Galpharm as the second coldest football ground, surpassed only by Boundary Park. So the best thing would probably be to get someone to knit you a Huddersfield Shirt in te style of a fisherman's ghanzy. But failing that, there's a nice selection of retro Huddersfield shirts to be found here.

Leeds United Gifts

How are the mighty fallen. But at least one of the cockney conmen has gone, we just need rid of the other one now. As a manager, and a person, Gary Mac demands immense respect, and providing he's given the cash  Leeds United could be riding high again soon. Right now there couldn't be a better time to wear a replica Leeds shirt, because that way at least you're putting less money in Ken Bates' pocket.

Rotherham United Gifts

Times are hard for The Millers right now. But they're one of those great little clubs with big support that make football what it is. We have several retro Rotherham United shirts, so wear one and feel proud.

Sheffield United Gifts

It seems like only yesterday that the Blades were in the premiership. And I still feel outraged over the way they were demoted after the Cockney wide-boys of West Ham cheated. Here's to the compensation claim, and the funding to get the Blades back where they rightfully belong.

Sheffield Wednesday Gifts

It's been quite a while now since Wednesday we're in the bigtime, but great traditions live-on, and as one of the most historic teams in Yorkshire, there's quite a variety of retro shirts and gifts to choose from. Hopefully one day they'll get that bit of consistency they lack and return to the top flight.

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