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A Guide For Vistors To Yorkshire

Dear reader,

Robin Hoods Bay from the beach welcome to Yorkshire Guide. You may be pleased to know this is not one of those naff directories that clutter the web and exist only to make money from advert clicking. This is my website, reflects my opinions, and covers whatever I want to cover, and before anyone calls me a hypocrite, yes it has adverts, but not too many and they're fairly unobtrusive. If I ever get the shop concept working I'll take the ads off.

It's also incomplete, and always will be. It's updated and growing week by week, and will eventually cover all kinds of stuff - basically whatever I feel like. Think of it as a sort of giant blog.

In the meantime I'm adding an average of about one or two pages a month. That's not a lot, but it should be of a reasonable size by about 2017. In fact, in 2018 I plan to be up the Dales for as long as it takes to avoid any mention of the Olympics whatsoever. One day I might even add an accommodation directory where people can review places they've stayed, but that's for the future as and when some of the other things in my currently very busy life drop off.

Lower Barden Reservoir A lot of this site is about walks I really like, and I've tried to illustrate them all with photos. The main reason being that I can't draw for toffee and I thought the Ordnance Survey license agreement was too onerous to accept.

And be warned, I have opinions, so if you're offended because I don't like organised religion, Yorkshire Water, twee antique shops, antique bed slat holders, poncy gastro pubs serving tiny portions of silly food or assorted other things, then please accept a full refund and leave now.

What's popular at the moment? Well people seem to like the coast section and particularly Filey and Whitby. But the majority are seldom right, so please look around.

If you like anything on the site, feel free to leave comments on any page or use the contact form. In the highly likely event that you spot any errors, please let me know as I do make a point of correcting them.

I want to add a quick thanks to our seo marketing agency who have helped us greatly in getting our on-site and off-site SEO optimisation up to speed, which has allowed countless people to find us via the organic search results. To anyone in Yorkshire or indeed anywhere in the UK I would confidently you hire them as your SEO agency.

Comments (33)
Fantastic site! You've covered some parts of Yorkshire which are very close to my own heart.

I'd love to see you cover the Wolds in the same way!
posted by James 01/05/2008 11:08:26
thanks James, unfortunately I have a lifetimes work to do on this site first. But I will gert round to the Wolds one day.
posted by Mick 01/05/2008 12:59:03
lovely site, please keep adding more.
posted by Jane 07/06/2008 14:39:27
Any website that celebrates the very existence of the kingdom of Yorkshire is in my book bloody brilliant! For this is the centre of the whole universe, a land flowing with milk and honey and these broad acres are the finest acres in the whole of the British Isles... However, surely we don't want to encourage any of them southern ponces to visit do we?
posted by Yorkshire Pudding 11/06/2008 16:19:42
quite a way to go till it's a complete guide!
posted by Jeremy Cathcart 19/06/2008 10:51:05
enjoyed it, thanks
posted by A. Williams, Bingley 23/06/2008 13:05:36
Terrific site. will certainly refer to it first for my trip next spring. More please.

posted by Linda D 03/08/2008 21:34:21
I quite like those new flats in Scarboroughs North Bay....wish I could afford one!!
posted by Max - Scarborough 15/09/2008 19:22:57
Mick, I love the website. Not sure how old you are but you manage to combine the "youthful" sport of Quad Biking with old and curmudgeonly comments about fishermen (with which I totally agree!)

I have taken note of your walks which are detailed enough to allow ME the chance to set down the route on an OS map. Thanks for those, and good luck with increasing the site.

Best regards
posted by Allan 12/10/2008 23:29:35
thanks for the kind words Allan. The way the economy's looking I may well have opportunity to do lots of work on the site before long. As to age, well I'm pushing 50 but feel about half that
posted by Mick 13/10/2008 09:32:51
nice site
posted by Mary 20/11/2008 22:58:47
Liked the Flamborough page. Visited there many times in my youth, and it brought nack a lot of memories
posted by Jean Plowden 07/02/2009 11:00:21
An excellent site. Very informative, and I like your no-nonsense style. Look forward to info on other areas of the dales as well....
posted by Vernon 28/03/2009 22:26:58
Ilkley is a location where some people are unfriendly. Also as a wheelchair user and visitor, is a town with many shops which are not accessible to wheelchair users.
posted by John Matthews 11/04/2009 12:38:33
Had a great time looking through your comprehensive site and found some walks that I will definitely try out. Putting maps on sites is a problem, which I encountered when developing my own site - more a diary of walks I have completed than suggestions for others. My first love is the Lake District where I enjoy the high fells, but the second best place has to be the Yorkshire Dales.
posted by Lancashire Lass 14/04/2009 09:18:31
If writing a guide check your facts first or you will appear ignorant. Not a guide that will inspire people to visit Yorkshire.
posted by Carol Cuckow 14/10/2009 22:31:53
Cool site! I'll definitely bookmark it.
posted by Tibba 17/03/2010 11:09:32
Some of what you say is accurate some not. Perhaps you should visit Robin Hoods Bay again. The shops are not run down at all there are many new ones with some existing actually refurbished.
posted by martincampion 28/07/2010 11:40:18
Cracking site!!Love the comments about the old Lifeboat at Whitby.I once politely declined the offer of a trip out to sea in said boat,as i fully expected to drown!Your comments about Flamborough are spot on too.As my wife is a Flamborian,we spend a fair bit of time there.Can't say i've ever seen any satanic rituals in Danes Dyke!I must go at the wrong time!!Love the idea of Zimmer racing in Brid too,though that might just be too much excitement for South Shore!!!
posted by David Powell 04/08/2010 11:06:06
Just stumbled upon this site while at work (tut tut) because wanted to find out about where to go on my week off and someone was thinking of going to Filey. I love GB for holidaying and think some people dont appreciate what's on your doorstep. Only just started reading through but anticipate visiting some of the places on here depending on how far they are (I'm in Notts) Thanks for a lovely site.
posted by Steve Lovatt 08/08/2010 15:38:49
As a regular visitor to Yorkshire, I am very pleased to have come across your website. I found it very informative and honest. You've been added to my favourites. Keep up the good work and thank you!
posted by Denise 18/08/2010 16:41:57
I am planning our 2012 UK trip and stumbled upon your site. What a brilliant stumble! Nothing beats comments from people who have "seen it & done it." WELL DONE. Be proud. And thanks also to the "contributors" with their own views of the areas. Making our planning sooooo much easier.
posted by Gerard, Down Under 24/08/2010 02:18:16
really useful site, found it via Google while looking for info re Flamborough Head; ahead of planned visit in a couple of weeks time. Ta very much Like your unapologetically putting your views by the way, which I broadly share. Can I come to your house for some proper grub if there's no Wetherspoons or Crown Carvery handy?!
posted by Jules 04/10/2010 13:28:19
Discovered your site whilst browsing Flamborough via Google. I love everything Yorkshire and your info. Hopefully driving to Flamborough next week and will certainly eat somewhere in the village. Will bookmark your website - Brilliant
posted by Ed 09/10/2010 17:34:46
Thanks for putting this site together I was looking for holiday destinations to enjoy Kayaking and walks - Thanks again for showing me what I have been missing see you all next spring ( if not sooner )
posted by Alan 27/10/2010 13:56:38
Cool Site
posted by Tim 21/11/2010 09:56:44
I've really enjoyed reading your site. I've been coming to Filey all my life - and now enjoy staying at 5leys Holiday Accommodation right on The Beach. Keep up the good work.
posted by Jeannie Williams 03/01/2011 17:14:34
when i look the picture yorkshire, remind me too my home town :)soo beautiful an peace fully, thank u for sharing this articles, and i invite u to come to my site http://www.headlinestodays.com/ , and thank for your kindnes
posted by headlinestodays 19/03/2011 03:33:38
Great website and useful for our trip to Grindale next week. We'll be exploring the dog-friendly walks and doing lots of exploring. Love the honest craic - it's exactly what we need! Thank you.
posted by JestersMammy 17/07/2011 18:34:33
thanks for the website...its great to see a site thats honest and doesnt just try to 'sell' everything to the public! I live in Lincolnshire but love taking trips out to Yorkshire...hoping to try to get up to how stean gorge tomorrow now! Your going on my list of 'favourites', keep it up!
posted by the wanderers 13/09/2011 09:40:10
Good site thank you. Sounds like you enjoy 'getting out there'. Try the Meanwood Valley Trail into Leeds (park adel wood car park & regular buses back). There's a coffee&cake stop at crossing of Monkbridge Rd (No37) and/or short detour to Bretts Fish&Chips after Grove Ln. Then a beer in the Chemic Tavern and more fish&chips next door.
posted by Jogon 16/09/2011 11:03:37
Everyone agrees you've done walkers a great service-Myself from the US Boston and only visit in June- Super information that you should copyright!
posted by Dennis Winters 18/01/2012 15:54:28
Thanks Mick what a wonderful site !!!! Can you believe I 'fell into it' looking for details of my elder sister's grave to plan for my cremated remains !!! It was a case of Sheffield Cemeteries, the georgous one on Ecclesall Road - and somewhere along the line onto you site - it is honest down to earth and informative.. . . and I have only broken the skin yet ... I stopped for a meal and brought it to the lap top !!! The Heritage Museum looks worth a trip and the Industrial Hamlet. Although I'm only just o'er the border I didn't know of these. You'll be on my favourites list and I will certainly be 'dipping in' often. Thanks Mick - keep up the good work. I liked the comments on Meadow Hell - I must be the only girly looking female that hates shopping . . . . take care
posted by Jane 27/01/2012 18:52:01
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