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Pateley Bridge - market town of Upper Nidderdale

View of Pateley Bridge High Street As the market town of Upper Nidderdale, Pateley Bridge is quite an enigma. It must be, without doubt, the worst signposted place in Yorkshire. It's not signposted from Harrogate, and it's not signposted from Otley. So the really surprising thing is, how do so many people manage to find the place? I don't know how the cars get there, but Pately has a serious traffic problem that needs a radical solution.

Apart from the traffic it's a lovely little village. It hasn't been overrun with tourist tat, and there's a great selection of really good shops on the High Street. And this is on the edge of a quite wealthy area, so there's quality too. For picnicking there's a nice little park at the foot of the hill, and no shortage of places to buy picnic food.

So what are the best things to see:

  • Kendall's Butchers - a proper traditional butchers still baking superb pork pies on the premises. The pies are so good I can even forgive them for producing pork pies with peas in them, or chutney or apple. Not enough jelly for my liking but beautiful meat and nicely seasoned. Suffice it to say I can't pass without buying one.
  • Nidderdale museum, a lovely little museum but with very restricted opening hours - 1:30-4:00 at the time of writing. Do persist though as it really is worth a visit. It has several period rooms recreated that try and show how Dalesfolk lived in the past.
  • Nidderdale Show - held every September at Bewerlay Park, this is generally the last show of the season and attracts very large crowds. It's best to get there mid-morning as there's always a show parade down the high street led by a brass band. And it's reasonably priced too.
  • Nidderdale Festival - the festival is held during July and has an unmissable selection of eclectic events. Rock climbing, brass bands, music halls, walks, trips down a lead mine (yes a trip down a leadmine!) and music of every imaginable variety. Not to be missed.
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Comments (5)
Beautiful place! I visited in the summer of 2008. Pately Bridge was my father's home in the 1920s before his family emigrated to Canada. I only had an afternoon and it happened to be a day that the museum was closed - hope to return some day, but it is a long way from British Columbia!
posted by Alan Dibb 14/06/2009 22:19:14
A lovely place to visit and stroll up the main street to walk off the pork pies!!!Return visits are addictive. The Museum is a MUST for anyone interested in the past.The views from the Pnorama walk are unbeatable in God's own County.
posted by Neil Young 08/07/2009 19:19:23
I haven't been there since I was a child but keep meaning to follow that old Pateley Bridge sign near Wharfe Meadows Park in Otley.
posted by Nick Brady 25/08/2010 13:47:12
Pateley is gorgeous. The High Street a lovely walk in itself. Fresh air, beautiful panorama around it and the river Nidd running through it; farming life feel; and its shops reflect an England of yesteryear, the Sweet shop Sherbet Dabs (is that correct name, an example of 100s of traditional English sweets), the butcher's Pork Pies, the tea shop. Pleasant public houses and restaurants. Also a not too bad Indian as I recall and of course yummy English fish and chips. To namea few!I haven't yet been to the Museum, but would like to.
posted by Alison Fleming 10/06/2011 20:11:55
We have just returned from a Camping Trip in this part of the world (Linton Lock on the river Ouse). We spent a lovely couple of hours in Pateley walking around some great little shops, fantastic vanilla fudge from the oldest sweetshop in England, lovely walks. Highlight of the day was the amazing Sunday Lunch we had at the Crown - easily the best lamb I have ever tasted! The famous pork pie closed was shut or we would have taken some home.
posted by Jane 23/08/2011 13:54:44
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