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Yorkshire's top online butchers

I like meat, always have done, but I'm particular about where it comes from. Most of the stuff you get from the supermarkets is pretty dire (though Booths is an honourable exception), and so I invariably use a proper butcher. I don't often buy from online butchers as I have a couple of great local butchers nearby, but I have used most of these and found them to be outstanding. All come highly recommended.

Wilson's of Crossgates
A cracking little butcher in the suburbs of Leeds. Possibly one of the best in the country and has the awards to prove it.

They've now opened another two shops in Leeds, so here's hoping they can maintain the quality
Jack Scaife
An online pioneer, Jack was possibly the first butcher to sell onlne - he was certainly doing it around about 2000, because I remember the novelty factor of being able to order online.

The current website looks a bit dated (that's the cost of being an early adopter), but a nice new one's on the way.
Yockenthwaite Farm
Tucked away in Yockenthwaite, a tiny village in Langstrothdale at the very tip of Wharfedale, this farm sells whole or half lambs reared on some of the most beautiful pastures in the UK. They can deliver, but what a fabulous day out to go and collect.

While there, make sure to visit Hubberholme Church, the most beautiful in the Dales.
Lishman's of Ilkley
A huge shop, standing on the main road through Ilkley, this is very upmarket meat indeed, as you would expect from a food supplier in a place like Ilkley. Ilkley is a nice place to go for a day out, and it's served by nice new commuter trains, with the station being right in the middle of town. They've also opened a shop at Bolton Abbey, where they also do courses in game handling and preparation. I haven't visited it yet, but if it's as good as the Ilkley shop they're onto a winner.

I had one of their Christmas hampers this year, and it was absolutely spot on.
John Crawshaws
Has a great reputation in Sheffield, and they like their meat down there. Not selling online at the time of writing but planning to.

Not sure I can forgive them having a shop in Hillsborough though.
A new concept of an online farmer's market. Based in Skipton, they deliver the full selection of local produce including some very interesting looking rare breed pork.

Novel idea, I wish them well with it, and the blog's worth a read.
Wolds Select
A catering butcher that's now selling online. I haven't tried their stuff, but they're sourcing from the middle of some of the best agricultural land in Yorkshire so it ought to be good.

I've eaten in some fabulous restaurants in The Wolds, so have high hopes of this site.
Based in harrogate, Weeton's offer quite a variety of other Yorkshire produce as well as very high quality meat. All locally sourced. And a shop in the middle of Harrogate as well.

Three Little Pigs
rare breed pork from a small producer at Kiplingcotes. This is what food should be all about - and you can order online or catch them at farmers markets.

I've bought from them at markets before and have been more than happy. Never ordered online though.
Gillgate Lamb
Mutton and lamb from a hill farm near Leyburn. It's good to see mutton making a comeback as it's a long forgotten treat. The site's worth visiting for the photo gallery alone.

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A tip for these credit crunch times (and a blatant plug) - you can do a basic food hygeine certificate online for a lot less than going to a traditional training course. If you want to check how ready you are, try a practice food hygiene quiz first.
posted by Mick 10/08/2009 09:57:32
Have you tried Country Butchers http://www.country-butchers.com They are based in Harrogate and I've always been really impressed by them.
posted by Alex 03/10/2011 14:08:54
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